The Long Road

Test your morality in an unforgiving, post-apocalyptic world


Procedurally generated world

Explore a vast post-apocalyptic world

Each playthrough features a unique procedurally generated world that is shaped by your journey. Face unique events and confront a seedling post-apocalypse society.

As you explore the world, your actions shape society and the world itself.


Discover your unique story

The choices that you make change the world around you

Your moral compass is tested constantly on The Long Road. Will you give your last scraps of food to a starved group of travellers? Or take shelter with cannibals if it means that you don’t starve?

As you make these difficult choices, you make new friends and enemies, and set new stories into motion.


Intense tactical combat

Fast-paced combat rewards bold, strategic play

This world is new and full of conflict. Fill your party with people that you trust as you face off against different factions vying for power. Each party member offers unique abilities and synergies that you build into your strategy.

Build your party and discover a huge number of strategies to ensure your survival on The Long Road.