About Us

Who are we?

James Lucas (Founder)

I primarily handle the technical side of development. In the past, I have worked as a software engineer in silicon valley and I am currently completing my PhD in machine learning. I’m an avid gamer and have always wanted to make my own games; a dream that is finally being realized!

Rio Kisjantoro (Founder)

I handle the visual elements of the project. I have a background in 2D animation and graphics but have been lured into the 3D world in order to chase this game design dream.


GlassTome Games was founded in 2020, by two life-long friends. Rio Kisjantoro and James Lucas attended the same secondary school but now live in different continents. Despite the distance (and timezones) separating them, over the years they have continued to play video games together regularly. Now it is time to create them.



GlassTome Games is founded in the UK. However, while Rio is based in the UK, James is currently in Toronto, Canada. We have spent the better part of a decade playing games together with different time-zones (and varying latency…) and are happy to finally be making them!