GlassTome Games

Travel the long road in this turn-based post-apocalpytic survival game. You lead a group of scavengers wandering the long road in search of a better life.

We participated in the mini jam 63 and decided to make a fun, turn based game. With very little time we were able to complete our initial vision and are very happy with the game.

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Sprawl (Coming soon to mobile)

An Isometric, city builder where you race against the cities own expansion and try to control the Sprawl.

Originally a submission to the 2020 GMTK Game Jam

A snowy platformer where you play a snowman trying to build his igloo.

A submission to the Weekly Game Jam #152

A first person action game - Stay alert as you face off against wave after wave of enemies. Make sure to use the correct weapon to slay your foe!

A submission to the Weekly Game Jam #154

Architect (Coming Soon)

WIP - A unique take on the RTS genre sees you take control of a god who has fallen out of favour. Use what little power you have left to guide your followers and regain the power you once had.