The Long Road combines tabletop and roguelite gameplay with an emphasis on dynamic storytelling. As you explore an unforgiving post-apocalyptic wasteland, the decisions you make affect the world around you and the people that you meet.



The Long Road was first created as an entry to the MiniJam gamejam series. But after spending just a week on the game, Rio and James fell in love with the concept: an unforgiving survival game where you face tough moral challenges and resource scarcity in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.


Today, The Long Road has evolved into a fully-featured blend of tabletop and roguelite gameplay elements. You explore a procedurally generated world with a story that you carve out through the decisions that you make. Along the way you make friends and enemies, and try to gain enough strength to complete your journey on The Long Road.


  • Beautiful visuals
  • Intense turn-based combat
  • Dynamic story telling adapts to your choices
  • REPLAYABILITY: Unique, procedurally generated worlds and huge branching stories
  • BIOMES: Explore different post-acopalyptic landscapes with unique narratives and enemies
  • KARMA SYSTEM: Your reputation follows you; whether good or bad
  • LEVELLING: Your party gains strength as you complete quests and defeat foes
  • UNLOCKABLES: Get new playable characters with unique skills
  • MODDING: Flexible modding system allows custom stories and characters
  • LANGUAGES: English on release. Complete localization planned and supported


Early gameplayYouTube


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